This demonstrates using the JSLint tool from Apache Ant.
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This is a demonstration of how to use JSLint from an Apache Ant buildfile.
In its current form it requires the Rhino JavaScript engine, but it
should be possible to modify the jslint script to change that dependency.

The bin directory contains two bash scripts, jslint and jslintall,
which can be placed in any directory that is in PATH.
The Ant buildfile build.xml uses jslintall which uses jslint.
Modify the jslint script to tell it the location of
jslint.js and Rhino's js.jar which must be downloaded separately.
See and
It should be possible to write equivalent Windows .bat scripts.

The docroot directory contains sample HTML, CSS and JavaScript source files
that are checked using JSLint.  To demonstrate that JSLint is being run,
introduce errors in these files.  For example,
* in demo.html, change "</body>" to "</bodyx>"
* in demo.css, change "purple" to "purplex"
* in demo.js, change "===" to "=="

To run JSLint from Ant on all the files in the docroot directory,
cd to the directory containing build.xml (which is the
parent directory of the docroot directory) and enter "ant".
This will create a hidden directory in the docroot directory
named ".bookkeeping".  The results of running JSLint on each
file under docroot are written to this directory.
For example, the results for "docroot/demo.js"
are written to docroot/.bookkeeping/demo.js_lint.

If JSLint finds no issues, the file written under .bookkeeping
will contain "jslint: No problems found in {filename}"
and the file will be retained.
If JSLint finds any issues, the file will be
output to the shell/terminal window and deleted.

When the jslint script is run again, if a matching .bookkeeping file
is found that is newer than the source file being checked,
the JSLint tool is not actually run again since that version of
the source file has already been found to have no issues.

Suggestions for improvements to this scheme are welcomed!
Send them to