01. Tutorials and Examples

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To help you understand the framework, Mvp4g comes with tutorials and examples. You can also check real projects to give you a better idea of what you can do with Mvp4g.


Layout: Learn how to create your first Mvp4g application and how to set/manage its layout.

History: See how you can add browser history support to your Mvp4g application. Also read about history advanced feature to learn about how to control your user navigation, use hyperlink navigation or define your own place service.


Take a look at the mvp4g-example repository.


There are several projects build with mvp4g. Here are some examples:

Santa Exchange: The web site lets users manage a gift exchange and send invitations via email to create a Secret Santa party. This project code is intended to provide a solid foundation for building other web sites in the future and to demo all of the features needed in an enterprise-quality software project using these technologies. The best part, this project is open-source. This great example is available thanks to Kenneth Pronovici.

Nimble: Nimble is a revolutionary Social Relationship Manager that links contacts, calendars and communication to social listening and engagement.

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