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Add steps to delete all references of AcmeBundle

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@@ -53,8 +53,12 @@ The distribution is configured with the following defaults:
* Annotations for everything are enabled.
A default bundle, `AcmeDemoBundle`, shows you Symfony2 in action. After
-playing with it, you can remove it by deleting the `src/Acme` directory and
-removing the routing entry in `app/config/routing.yml`.
+playing with it, you can remove it by following these steps :
+ * delete the `src/Acme` directory.
+ * remove the routing entry in `app/config/routing.yml`.
+ * remove the `Acme` reference in `app/config/config.yml`.
+ * remove the AcmeBundle from the registered bundles in `app/AppKernel.php`
+ * remove the Acme registered namespace in `app/autoload.php`
Configure the distribution by editing `app/config/parameters.ini` or by
accessing `web/config.php` in a browser.

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