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Doesn't build with GHC 7.4 #1

feuerbach opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The reason is that src/Data/Textual/Integral.hs requires LambdaCase. (This is the error I'm getting — there may be further errors, too.)

Would it be possible for you to support GHC 7.4? (tasty now uses data-textual, and my promise to tasty users is that 7.4 is supported.)

mvv commented

Ugh, ugly. Check the last commit, I don't have GHC 7.4 installed to test it myself.


Yes, now it works (together with ekmett/tagged#16). Can you make a release? Thanks.

@feuerbach feuerbach closed this

Turnss out ekmett/tagged#16 is not going to be fixed. Sigh.


I eventually switched to unbounded-delays and my own parser/printer.

Sorry to have bothered you with all the changes. Hopefully someone else will find them useful, too.

@mvv mvv referenced this issue from a commit
@mvv Revert "Support compilation with GHC 7.4 (issue #1)."
This reverts commit 5e01011.
The 'tagged' library does not compile with 7.4, so it's pointless.
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