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Vaadin 10 Karibu-DSL Example App / Archetype

This project can be used as a starting point to create your own Vaadin Flow application. It has the necessary dependencies and files to get you started. Just clone this repo and start experimenting! Import it to the IDE of your choice as a Gradle project.

Uses Karibu-DSL Kotlin bindings to the Vaadin framework.

Online Demo of this app running on Heroku.

Getting Started

To quickly start the app, make sure that you have Java 8 (or higher) JDK installed. Then, just type this into your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/mvysny/karibu10-helloworld-application
cd karibu10-helloworld-application
./gradlew appRun

The app will be running on http://localhost:8080/.

This is a port of Skeleton Starter Flow to Kotlin+Gradle.

More Resources