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Powered By Vaadin on Kotlin

Vaadin 10 SQLDataProvider Example

Demonstrates the use of a full-blown SQLDataProvider in a Vaadin 10 Grid.

Only requires a Servlet 3.0 container to run. Developed in a pure Java. Also demoes an auto-generated Grid filter bar, therefore this example serves as a full replacement for Teppo Kurki's FilteringTable.

The project uses code from Vaadin-on-Kotlin. The Kotlin stdlib is only included as a run-time dependency - this project contains no Kotlin code and doesn't even run the Kotlin compiler.

The live demo of this project runs on Heroku.

You can read more about the SQLDataProvider in the Vaadin-on-Kotlin Databases Guide. In short, SQLDataProvider uses Sql2o to map JDBC rows to Java objects. The mapping directly maps column name to a bean property name; to modify the mapping just alias the columns in your SELECT command.

Skeleton Starter for Vaadin Flow

This project can be used as a starting point to create your own Vaadin Flow application. It has the necessary dependencies and files to help you get started.

The best way to use it by via - you can get only the necessary parts and choose the package naming you want to use. There is also a getting started tutorial based on this project.

To access it directly from github, clone the repository and import the project to the IDE of your choice as a Maven project. You need to have Java 8 JDK or higher installed.

Run using ./mvnw -C jetty:run (Windows: ./mvnw.cmd -C jetty:run) and open http://localhost:8080 in browser.

For a full Vaadin Flow application example, there is the Beverage Buddy App Starter for Flow available also from page.


Demoes a SQLDataProvider and a Filter Bar for Vaadin 10 Grid







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