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Auto-generate bindings for GObject based libraries at run time using FFI

Give handler loop test a little more time to run

This makes sure the main_loop test finishes properly on Ruby 1.9.3. The
time given should allow the handler to run three times.

What should normally happen is this:
- The first run of the handler makes the thread start. It immediately
  goes to sleep.
- The second run wakes up the thread which inserts an element into the

However, in some cases it is only at the second run of the handler that
the thread is first started. In that case the insertion of the element
takes place too late.
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Matijs van Zuijlen authored


by Matijs van Zuijlen


Ruby bindings for GNOME using the GObject Introspection Repository.


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  • Create bindings to any GObject-based library.
  • Bindings are generated at runtime.
  • Provides overridden bindings for selected methods.
  • Install gir_ffi-gtk and require gir_ffi-gtk2 or gir_ffi-gtk3 to load overrides for Gtk2 or Gtk3.


require 'gir_ffi'

# Set up the namespace you wish to use
GirFFI.setup :Gio

# Create an object
inet_address = Gio::InetAddress.new_from_string ""

# Call some methods on the object
inet_address.is_loopback    # => true
inet_address.is_multicast   # => false

# Call a function in the namespace
Gio.dbus_is_name "foo"   # => false


gem install gir_ffi


GirFFI should work on CRuby 1.9.3, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2, JRuby in 1.9 or 2.0 mode, and on Rubinius.

You will also need gobject-introspection installed with some introspection data.

Depending on the GIR data, GirFFI needs the actual libraries to be available under the name ending in plain .so. If GirFFI complains that it cannot find the library, try installing development packages for those libraries.

GirFFI is developed on Debian sid, and tested through Travis CI on Ubuntu 12.04. Older versions of gobject-introspection than the ones used there are therefore not officially supported (although they may work).

On Debian and Ubuntu, installing libgirepository1.0-dev and gobject-introspection should be enough to get rake test working.

GirFFI has not been tested on Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. YMMV.


Sometimes, the GIR data is incorrect, or not detailed enough, and a reasonable binding cannot be created automatically. For these cases, overrides can be defined. The following gems with overrides already exist:

  • gir_ffi-gtk: overrides for Gtk+ 2 and 3.
  • gir_ffi-cairo: overrides for Cairo
  • gir_ffi-pango: overrides for Pango
  • gir_ffi-tracker: overrides for Tracker

Hacking and contributing

If you want to help out, have a look at, and check the notes in the code (e.g., using dnote). Feel free to file bugs or send pull requests.

If you want to send pull requests or patches, please:

  • Make sure rake test runs without reporting any failures. If your code breaks existing stuff, it won't get merged in.
  • Add tests for your feature. Otherwise, I can't see if it works or if I break it later.
  • Make sure latest master merges cleanly with your branch. Things might have moved around since you forked.
  • Try not to include changes that are irrelevant to your feature in the same commit.


Copyright © 2009–2014 Matijs van Zuijlen

GirFFI is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 or later. See the file COPYING.LIB for more information.

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