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Angular Admin 0.2.0

This project is generated with yo angular generator version 0.15.1.


First, download the project:

$ curl -LOk
$ unzip
$ mv angular-admin-master/ my-project/
$ cd my-project/

Then install dependencies:

$ npm i

Running the App in Development

Run the app locally at http://localhost:9000

$ gulp serve


Run the build process manually

$ gulp build

Run in Production Mode

To build in production mode and run locally at http://localhost:9000

$ gulp

Mock JSON Server

This project uses json-mock to serve local data. To run the mock JSON server, open a new terminal window and:

$ json-mock stub.json

This will run the JSON mock API at http://localhost:3000


Running gulp test will run the unit tests with karma. gulp serve will run this in real time.

Coverage is reported in coverage/ and an HTML report can be found at coverage/report-html/index.html

Naming Conventions

Below are some naming conventions of the project:

  • snake-case for element id, classes, and file names
  • camelCase for definitions

Yeoman Recipes

Below are a few helpful things when using yeoman to generate Angular code

Creating a Route

Create a Route named {feature}-{action}

yo angular:route {feature}-{action}

yo angular:route asset-list

Creating a Directive

Create a Route named {directive-name}

yo angular:directive {directive-name}

yo angular:directive asset-upload

Creating a Service

Create a service named {service-name}-service , appending the keyword -service to the end

yo angular:service {service-name}-service

yo angular:service asset-service

Creating a Factory

Create a factory named {factory-name}-factory , appending the keyword -factory to the end

yo angular:factory {factory-name}-factory

yo angular:factory asset-factory


Angular 1.x admin boilerplate



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