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Dynamic SQL for Clojure with apologies to mybatis. Based on the Dynamic SQL work in mybatis. No actual sql mapper functionality yet.

Getting started

Simply add clj-sql-mapper as a dependency to your lein project:

[org.clojars.mw10013/clj-sql-mapper "0.0.15"]


The namespace for dynamic SQL functions is clj-sql-mapper.sql.

=> (require '(clj-sql-mapper [sql :as sql]))

Compile SQL:

=> (def sql (sql/sql "select * from table where title = :title"))

Prepare it with a parameter map:

=> (sql/prepare {:title "the-title"} sql)
["select * from table where title = ?" "the-title"]

Conditionally include a part of a where clause:

=> (sql/prepare {:title "the-title"} (sql/sql "select * from blog where state = 'ACTIVE'"
     (sql/when :title "and title like :title")))
["select * from blog where state = 'ACTIVE'and title like ?" "the-title"]    

sql/when takes a predicate of one arg, a parameter map:

=> (sql/prepare {:title "the-title"} (sql/sql "select * from blog where state = 'ACTIVE'"
     (sql/when #(:title %) "and title like :title")))
["select * from blog where state = 'ACTIVE'and title like ?" "the-title"]

sql/where trims the first and/or in the where clause:

=> (sql/prepare {:title "the-title"} (sql/sql (sql/where (sql/when :author "and author = :author")
                                                         (sql/when :title "and title = :title"))))
[" where title = ?" "the-title"]

sql/set trims the last comma:

=> (sql/prepare {:title "the-title" :author "clinton"}
                  (sql/sql (sql/set (sql/when :title "title = :title,")
                                    (sql/when :author "author = :author,"))))
[" set title = ?, author = ?" "the-title" "clinton"]

Using vars:

=> (def cols (sql/sql "col1, col2, col3"))
=> (def title (sql/sql "and title = :title"))
=> (sql/prepare {:title "the-title"} (sql/sql "select " #'cols " from table" (sql/where #'title)))
["select col1, col2, col3 from table where title = ?" "the-title"]

sql/cond chooses the first non-empty sql string:

=> (sql/prepare {} (sql/sql (sql/cond (sql/when :title "title = :title")
                                      (sql/when :author "author = :author")

sql/coll builds a collection:

=> (sql/prepare {:coll ["a" "b" "c"]} (sql/sql (sql/coll :coll)))
[" ('a', 'b', 'c')"]

The namespce for db is clj-sql-mapper.db.

=> (require '(clj-sql-mapper [db :as db]))

Create a db:

=> (defonce db (db/create-db {:datasource-spec {:classname "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver"
                                         :subprotocol "hsqldb"
                                         :subname "clj_sql_mapper_test_hsqldb"}
                              :pool-spec {:idle-time-excess-in-sec (* 15 60)
                                          :idle-time (* 30 60)}
                              :naming-strategy {:keys #(-> % clojure.string/lower-case (clojure.string/replace \_ \-))
                                                :fields #(clojure.string/replace % \- \_)}}))

The namespace for dbfn's is clj-sql-mapper.dbfn.

=> (require '(clj-sql-mapper [dbfn :as dbfn]))

Define a select starting from a db:

=> (dbfn/defselect fruit db (dbfn/sql "select * from fruit"))

And call it:

=> (fruit)

Define an insert and call it:

=> (dbfn/definsert insert-fruit db (dbfn/sql "insert into fruit (id, name, appearance) values (:id, :name, :appearance)"))
=> (insert-fruit :id 11 :name "apple" :appearance "red")
=> (fruit)
[{:id 11, :name "apple", :appearance "red", :cost nil, :grade nil}]

Update it:

=> (dbfn/defupdate update-fruit db (dbfn/sql "update fruit set name = :name, appearance = :appearance where id = :id"))
=> (update-fruit :id 11 :name "orange" :appearance "orange")

Delete it:

=> (dbfn/defdelete delete-fruit db (dbfn/sql "delete from fruit where id = :id"))
=> (delete-fruit :id 11)


Copyright (C) 2012 Michael Wu

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.