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Allows to query MediaWiki SQL database using SPARQL
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This repository contains the code of a Wikimedia Tools Labs tool allowing to query Wikimedia Wikis SQL database using SPARQL.

It is live at and a user documentation is available.


This service depends on Java 8 and some maven dependencies.

To compile it as a fat .jar that could be deployed on Tools Labs you should run

mvn clean package

To run it requires to have in the same directory as the .jar file a file called with the following entries:

  • app.http.baseURI with the base URI of the service like
  • app.db.hostPattern the SQL database host (with port when required) like {siteId}.labsdb. {siteId} is replaced on runtime by the id of the target wiki (like enwiki).
  • app.db.user the database user to use. Stored in the file on Tools Labs
  • app.db.passwordthe database user password. Stored in the file on Tools Labs
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