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QtDMM 0.9.2 (c) 2001-2016 M.Toussaint

QtDMM is a simple DMM readout software including a configurable transient recorder. A friend of mine asked me for a DMM readout software for Linux because he didn't want to use the MS-Windows version which came with the multimeter. To help him out I wrote this little piece of software. The transient recorder features manual start, scheduled start (at a given time) and triggered automatic start when given thresholds are reached.

If you call QtDMM with the commandline option --console it will display some debug output. This might (or hight not :) help resolve problems.

It was written for Metex (and compatible like VOLTCRAFT) multimeter and is known to work with the following DMM's:

Digitech     QM1350
ELV          M9803R
MASTECH      M9803R
McVoice      M-980T
Metex        M-3660D
Metex        M-3830D
Metex        M-3850D
Metex        M-3850M
Metex        ME-11
Metex        ME-22
Metex        ME-32
Metex        ME-42
Metex        Universal system 9160
PeakTech     4010
PeakTech     4390
PeakTech     451
Radioshack   22-805 DMM
Radioshack   RS22-168A
Voltcraft    M-3650D
Voltcraft    M-4660
Voltcraft    ME-11
Voltcraft    ME-22T
Voltcraft    ME-32
Voltcraft    VC 670
Voltcraft    VC 820
Voltcraft    VC 840
Voltcraft    VC 870
Voltcraft    VC 920
Voltcraft    VC 940

The following models should work but need to be confirmed by a user:

Voltcraft    ME-42
Voltcraft    M-3860
Voltcraft    M-4660A
Voltcraft    M-4660M
Voltcraft    MXD-4660A
Voltcraft    VC 630
Voltcraft    VC 650
Voltcraft    VC 670

If you manage to get QtDMM working with a digital multimeter different from the mentioned above, or if you can confirm one of the unconfirmed models please give a note. For a new multimeter the best would be sending me a saved configuration file.

QtDMM 0.9.2 is distributed under the GNU Public License, version 3. (QtDMM versions prior to 0.9.0 are licensed under GNU GPL 2.0)

-- 19/04/2016 Matthias Toussaint

Plans(Help/Pull requests welcome):

1.0.0 Switch to the Qt chart module for the graph. (QChart branch)
2.0.0 Spit to measuring/recording process to an seperate backgound daemon.


Qt5 port of the QtDMM of M.Toussaint




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