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Arbotix Drivers

This repository contains the Arbotix ROS drivers, catkinized, and ready for ROS Groovy and newer.

Changes for version 0.11.x

Controller will now break when goal is reached.
Added support for PhantomX Pincher.
To use the PhantomX Pincher, set environment variable "TURTLEBOT_ARM1" to pincher. You will need turtlebot_arm version 0.4.0 or higher for PhantomX Pincher

Changes for Groovy (version 0.8.x)

Several executables are now installed in /opt/ros/groovy/bin allowing you to run them without using rosrun:

  • is now arbotix_gui
  • is now arbotix_terminal

Other executables have been renamed to alleviate any name collisions:

  • is now renamed arbotix_driver