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// Paths and URL's should not have trailing slashes
date_default_timezone_set('America/New_York'); // Timezone
define('CONTENT_PATH', '/path/to/your/markdown/posts'); // Path to where your MarkDown posts are at
define('PUBLISHED_PATH', '/path/to/where/you/want/the/site/published'); // Path to where generated files should be placed
define('THEMES_PATH', '/path/to/themes'); // Path to themes
define('PLUGINS_PATH', '/path/to/plugins'); // Path to plugins
define('POSTS_PER_PAGE', 10); // Number of posts per page for post listing pages
define('MARKD_DEBUG', FALSE); // Can be used to turn on debug notices during generation
define('SITE_TITLE', ''); // Title for site
define('SITE_URL', ''); // URL the generated site will sit at
define('SITE_DESC', ''); // (Optional) Description/tagline for site
define('ACTIVE_THEME', '/default'); // Folder name of the active theme
define('POSTS_PATH', CONTENT_PATH . '/posts');
define('PAGES_PATH', CONTENT_PATH . '/pages');
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