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Static Site & Blog generation based on a directory/file system with the files being created using the Markdown syntax
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What It Does

The purpose of markd is to produce a static website and/or blog based off of a hierarchical structure of Markdown syntax files.

Why Use It

One key advantage is simplicity of management. If you need to add a new post, simply create a new markdown file and write. If you need to add a new page, put a markdown file into the pages directory and it will be added to the menus and made into a nice HTML page.

Another advantage would be the sites ability to sustain load. It's pretty simple, the site that is produced is static HTML. Most modern web servers can serve static content at blazing fast speeds (we're talking 15k requests per second, if not more, under the right configuration).

What it Does Not Do

At least for the time being, there is no dynamic processing. This means comments aren't supported, and contact forms, etc aren't provided. You could set up a contact form script on your own, or you could use a comment system like Disqus. But markd doesn't provide it on its own, although the default theme and plugins do support things like a Twitter Widget for the sidebar and using Disqus for comments on posts.

License & Copyright

markd Copyright (C) 2012 Matthew Walters

Please see GPLv3.txt for full license information.

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the file GPLv3.txt for these warranty details and distribution conditions.

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