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Import-Module WebAdministration
#check that the cert doesn't already exist
$currentCert = (Get-Childitem Cert:\CurrentUser\Root\ | where Subject -eq CN=*
if($currentCert -ne $null)
Write-Error "Root localhost cert is already installed. Open Certificate management and delete it, then re-run this script"
$domain = "*", "localhost"
Write-Host "Creating self-signed cert for $domain"
$cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -DnsName $domain -CertStoreLocation "cert:\LocalMachine\My" -NotAfter (Get-Date).AddYears(5)
$thumb = $cert.Thumbprint
Write-Host "Updating existing cert bindings used by IIS Express with new self-signed cert"
foreach ($port in 44300..44399) {
# silence the success output spam with & { } 1 > $null
& { netsh http delete sslcert ipport=$port } 1 > $null
& { netsh http add sslcert ipport=$port certhash=$thumb appid=`{214124cd-d05b-4309-9af9-9caa44b2b74a`} } 1 > $null
Write-Host "Adding self-signed cert to root cert authority so it's always trusted"
$StoreScope = 'LocalMachine'
$StoreName = 'root'
$Store = New-Object -TypeName System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Store -ArgumentList $StoreName, $StoreScope
# update all existing SSL bindings to use the new cert
Get-WebBinding -protocol https | Foreach-Object { $_.AddSslCertificate($thumb, "My") }
Write-Host "Completed self-signed cert setup"
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