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A blogging app for the protocol
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A blogging app for the protocol. A public instance is available here:

Quick start:

  1. Pre-requisites: Java 1.6+ and Maven
  2. Currently, Essayist depends on a Mavenised version of Migrate4J available only on Github: git clone git:// && cd migrate4j-maven && mvn install
  3. git clone git://
  4. Deploy to your favourite servlet container.
  5. http://localhost:8080
  6. Log in with your Tent address, for example


  1. Put a file called in the src/main/resources folder. shows what can be configured. provides a number of defaults.
  2. If using your own database, create an empty database corresponding to the value of db.url


Metadata post type

Essayist uses a custom post type to store some data, such as the Essay's text as Markdown. It is linked to the Essay (once it has been published) via the mentions.

format Required String Defines the type of content contained in raw. Eg. "markdown".
raw Required String The raw form of the metadata. Eg. the markdown form of an Essay.
statusId Optional String The ID of a status announcing the Essay.
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