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This is a Mavenised version of Migrate4J. The original README follows


See our sourceforge page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/migrate4j)
or our homepage (http://migrate4j.sourceforge.net) for current
information.  This information is also included in each release in 
the "web" directory.  Please direct questions to:

Project Goals:  Migrate4j is a database migration package for Java.  
While migrate4j will never have the intuitiveness of the db:migrate 
rake task in rails, this is an attempt to come as close as possible.

Migrate4j allows upgrading and reverting your database schema.
In order to mimic rails, convention is used to minimize the amount 
of set up.  If you follow the convention, all you need to do is 
create classes that inherit from the Migration interface, naming each
one with the pattern "Migration_X" where X is the sequential order of
the migration.  For example, you would create Migration_1.java, 
Migration_2.java, and so on.  Most (or all) of the convention can be 
overwritten by modifying the migrate4j.properties file.

Prerequisites:  Java 1.5 or higher, commons-logging, and a JDBC driver 
for your database .  If your database is not currently supported, 
you are free to add support (or request support by emailing 

Installation:  Migrate4j uses a properties file to determine where 
your migration files reside and what work to do.

To run migrate4j against your database, you need to add a "version" 
table.  Using the following queries should work for most database 
  create table version (version int not null primary key);
  insert into version values (0);