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Project using Ping Identities mod_auth_openidc in conjunction with Apache to provide openidconnect functionality with Keycloak in Kubernetes

Included are Kubernetes Ingress, Service and Replication Controller example files.

Below are environment variables that must be set in the container for Apache to consume on startup.


certificate verification of the remote server


remote server certificate's CN field is compared against the hostname of the request URL


host name checking for server certificates when mod_ssl is acting as an SSL client


check if the remote server certificate is expired or not

${SSLPROXYMACHINECERT} path to machine cert. This is a combined file of cert and key. Ex. /etc/kubernetes/ssl/combined.pem

all-in-one file where you keep the certificate chain for all of the client certs in use


ssl certificate file ex. /path/to/some/ca.pem


ssl certificate key file ex. /path/to/some/ca-key.pem

${OIDCPROVIDERMETADATAURL} ex. https://my_domain/auth/realms/demo/.well-known/openid-configuration

Where 'demo' equals the name of your keycloak realm

${OIDCCLIENTID} realm name from keycloak.

${OIDCCLIENTSECRET} secret from realm. (In this case Keycloak realm secret) ex. below


some random secret you create. ex. biteme

${REDIRECTDOMAIN} domain your apache server is on ex.

same domain as your Apache server


IP of the kubernetes api server you are proxying to. This could also be a domain.