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mwarkentin committed Jan 8, 2011
1 parent 4523220 commit 2a601a91dbf91f00d82ff3759dc4a97fbcdeadf6
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# Here's some new strange stuff, remember type it exactly.
# Set a variable called days to a string with shortened day names
days = "Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun"
# Set a variable called months to a string with shortened month names, separated by \n (newline) characters
months = "Jan\nFeb\nMar\nApr\nMay\nJun\nJul\nAug"
# print a string, along with days
print "Here's the days: ", days
# print a string, along with months
print "Here's the months: ", months
# print a long string with line breaks
print """
There's somethings going on here.
With the three double-quotes.

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