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added extra credit - punch the bear in the face

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mwarkentin committed Jan 14, 2011
1 parent 0be5be3 commit 9b13e9814f80f359a007610fd7ad892a0a1f9e33
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@@ -6,13 +6,32 @@
print "There's a giant bear here eating a cheese cake. What do you do?"
print "1. Take the cake."
print "2. Scream at the bear."
print "3. Punch the bear in the face."
bear = raw_input("> ")
if bear == "1":
print "The bear eats your face off. Good job!"
elif bear == "2":
print "The bear eats your legs off. Good job!"
elif bear == "3":
print "You knock the bear out!"
print "When the bear falls over, you see a passage behind him. You go through it."
print "It's dark in here, and smells kind of funny. What do you do?"
print "1. Light a match."
print "2. Feel for a lightswitch."
print "3. Turn on your mining hat."
light = raw_input("> ")
if light == "1":
print "Whoops, looks like that smell was a gas leak. KABOOM!"
elif light == "2":
print "As you feel along the wall for a switch, you run into an electric fence. ZAP!"
elif light == "3":
print "Smart! You find the exit and head home."
print "You huddle up on the floor and die."
print "Well, doing %s is probably better. Bear runs away." % bear

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