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Customize your very own dashboard with your watched coins.

Photo of the CoinConsole application

Built with node.js

Uses express.js to serve up a page that connects to a websocket port via This express server fetches new data from the public Coin Market Cap API and pushes it to connected clients every set amount of seconds.

Running it local

Very simple! All you need is node.js >v4.0 (consider using the n package to manage your node versions) and a clone of the repo from Github.

After that, you can run the 'node app.js' command (or 'npm start') and visit localhost:8080 in your favorite web browser. Test away! And don't forget to submit your finished changes as a pull request, if you have any! :) (before you do, please read the file in the root directory of this repo).

Visit the official CoinConsole website