KadNode 0.4 released

@mwarning mwarning released this Sep 23, 2013 · 564 commits to master since this release

After way too much time there is now a new KadNode release.
Some bugs were fixed that made the previous/first release nearly unusable.
This release is better.

The biggest change is the support for UPNP/NAT-PMP (not in OpenWrt package build).
Let's say KadNode now runs in a private network and is instructed to announce a specific value identifier on port 80 (which could be a web server). Then KadNode will try to instruct the router to add a port forwarding from the external port 80 to the internal port 80 (if the router supports this).
A user on a different PC and KadNode installed can now resolve the public IP and
also reach the web server using the port forwarding.


  • Use only one thread to save resources.
  • Change default DHT port to 6881
  • Add optional support for UPNP/NAT-PMP to add router forwardings
    for KadNode announcements where port > 1
  • Now kadctl allows to specify the time in minutes a value id has to be announced
  • Remove lookup_node, it is not really helpful but confusing
  • Fix broken node export on command line
  • Add --peerfile option to import/export peers
    for bootstrapping and to save good peers on shutdown
  • Decouple local multicast boostrapping from DHT and
    exit multicast group when it becomes too crowded
  • Add --disable-multicast
  • Fix argument quoting in Debian init script
  • Add list command to command line to list value ids that will be
    announced and to list port forwardings