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ActiveSesame is a ruby gem hosted on gemcutter. To install be sure that http://gemcutter.org is in your sources:

  gem install activesesame


ActiveSesame is a ruby library for interacting with a triple store over the sesame protocol. Currently the library only contains a connector module for AllegroGraph’s take on the protocol.

The primary purpose of this library is to enable programmers to use semantic technologies to solve practical problems without having to understand the massive, and often nebulous, technology stack of the so called “semantic web”

There are 3 major methods for interacting with the triple store within Ruby:

  1. ActiveSesame::Behaviors – Bootstrap your class with ontology functionality
  2. ActiveSesame::OwlThing – An Object Relational Mapping for triples
  3. ActiveSesame::Repository – Run queries on the triple store directly