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My experiments for GEISER project development.
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amqp-helloworld-receiver changed to rabbitmq running on localhost (with docker port mappings) Jun 28, 2017
geiser-classification-service Benchmarked classification service. Jan 22, 2019
geiser-deer-service DEER implemented test cases, bugfixing Mar 5, 2019
geiser-delay-service Fixed comment in for geiser-delay-service Jan 22, 2019
geiser-demo fix geo literal mapping for tweets, add geosearch example to readme Oct 24, 2018
geiser-json-transformation-service fix geo literal mapping for tweets, add geosearch example to readme Oct 24, 2018
geiser-limes-service LIMES updated to latest version Mar 4, 2019
geiser-ner-service Added todo note for NER service improvement Jan 22, 2019
geiser-rdf-writer-service fix writer debug service Oct 14, 2018
geiser-scaling-service Working local kogia prototype Jan 22, 2019
geiser-service-archetype Added documentation for geiser-service-archetype. Sep 11, 2018
geiser-service-core Source level 1.8 Jan 16, 2019
geiser-sparql-feed-service Removed superfluous queues Nov 20, 2017
geiser-sparql-service disable sparql amqp test (amqp dependency) Oct 24, 2018
geiser-sparqlify-service Fixed routing keys in example scripts. Nov 20, 2017
geiser-translate-service Beta release of translate service v2 Jan 24, 2019
messaging-ontology minor changes to labels of messaging ontology Jun 28, 2017
test-with-repo Merged test application into one file. Aug 21, 2017
Makefile make local-rabbit to create a local RabbitMQ instance Mar 4, 2019 Update Jan 10, 2018


Open source services and infrastructure development for the GEISER platform.

Related projects

FOX service wrapper example of micropipe proxy

Tim (@yamalight) built a AMQP wrapper that allows to access REST services without dealing with the conversion manually. You can find the code and instructions to run it with docker-compose at .


  • Docker and Docker-Compose installed
  • HTTPie (only for local tests, e.g, make test)
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