FruityMesh - The first completely connection-based open source mesh on top of Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
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FruityMesh is the reference implementation of the BlueRange initiative. It is the first open source implementation of a mesh network that is based on standard Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 connections. In contrast to meshes that use advertising and scanning, this allows for a network run with battery powered devices. FruityMesh works with the Nordic nRF51 and nRF52 chipsets in combination with the S130/S132 SoftDevices and enables tons of devices to connect to each other with its auto-meshing capabilities.

Beta Version of FruityMesh is out!

You can find it here

Documentation in the Wiki


Documentation is the key and therefore, you should have a look at the wiki to get you started:


This project is under active development at the M-Way Solutions GmbH, Germany.

Additional Features

Over-the-mesh firmware updates are currently not open sourced. Interested parties can contact to get access to advanced features.

Accepting the Contribution Agreement

We appreciate contributions from external developers, but we require all contributors to accept the M-Way Solutions Contribution Agreement so that we have the legal right to include the contribution in our commercial products under any license that we choose. The contribution agreement is attached available on request to

Our contribution agreement states that you (1) grant M-Way Solutions a license to use the contribution in any way we choose, and (2) confirm that the contributed code is your original work. An important thing to note is that we do NOT require an assignment of the copyright in the contributed code.  This means that a contributor maintains ownership of his or her code while also giving M-Way Solutions the rights and assurances it needs in order to use the contribution.

If you have any questions about the Contribution Agreement, please email

It is not necessary to attach a signed copy of the agreement to a pull request or issue submission.