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FruityMesh is the reference implementation of the BlueRange initiative. It was the first open source implementation of a mesh network that is based on standard Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1/5.x connections. In contrast to mesh networks that use advertising and scanning, this allows for a network run with battery powered devices. FruityMesh works with the Nordic nRF52 chipset in combination with the S132/S140 SoftDevices and enables tons of devices to connect to each other with its auto-meshing capabilities. It is always connected with configurable connection intervals of 7.5 ms to 4 seconds while still being able to run on batteries. Connections also have the advantage of a much higher throughput than using a flooding mesh.



Documentation is the key and therefore, you should first have a look at the documentation to get you started.

You can find the most up to date documentation here:


You can also have a look in the docs folder for a version of the documentation that matches a certain commit.