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Build Status Dependency Status

What's this?

This project was generated with the awesome Generator-M-Ionic to show all the latest features. Please report any issues to the initial repository .

Run on your machine

By cloning

  • make sure you have all the prerequisites installed
  • clone git clone
    • and install dependencies npm install && bower install

By using yo m-ionic

  • create a new directory
  • yo m-ionic --skip-prompts runs the generator with default options
  • yo m-ionic:module side - choose sidemenu template
  • yo m-ionic:module blank - choose blank template
  • edit the app.js and add the side and blank module
    • enjoy!
    • your project is now set using the latest version of the generator and with the following default options.


Run gulp watch and in your browser navigate to:

  • #/main/list - the tabs template
  • #/side/list - the sidemenu template
  • #/blank - the blank template

Run tests:

  • run gulp karma to run karma tests
  • run gulp protractor to run protractor tests
    • hint: gulp watch and gulp protractor cannot be run at the same time.


Head over to the Generator-M-Ionic repository and check out the documentation. Alternatively you can talk to us:

Join the chat at

My Project

This project was generated with Generator-M-Ionic v1.10.1. For more info visit the repository or check out the README below.

Generator-M-Ionic v1.10.1

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Why you need it

Advanced workflows for building rock-solid Ionic apps: develop, prototype, test, build and deliver high quality apps with Yeoman, Gulp, Bower, Angular, Cordova and of course Ionic. All in one sexy generator.

Read more ...

What's in the box

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What's new

Ionic Blog Series - Great ride through everything Generator-M-Ionic has to offer:

Advanced workflows for building rock-solid Ionic Apps




Quick Start
  • Quick Start for the experienced developer.
  • Try the demo. Get a quick impression by cloning the sample project generated with the latest version of Generator-M-Ionic.
  • ESLint code style checks and setting up your IDE/Editor.
  • Testing with our testing setup.
  • Husky hooks, automatically run linting and tests before you commit.
Building & Continuous Integration
  • Greenhouse & Relution - build and distribute your apps using these powerful cloud services
  • Ionic Cloud (beta) - a powerful suite of hybrid-focused mobile backend services and tools
  • Appmobi - Secure Mobile Development Platform
  • ApiOmat (beta) - Enterprise Backend as a Service

Generator Insights

We've published 3 blog articles on our company blog delivering deep insights into the why and how of the generator:

Questions, issues? Talk to us!

Do the following:

  1. check out our Issue Guidelines and issues to see if there already is a solution or answer.
  2. Join the chat at - Get in touch with other developers and our core team.
  3. If all fails, make sure you have read the Issue Guidelines first and then open a new issue.

Want to contribute ideas, code?

Start by reading our:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Contribution Guide


Code licensed under MIT. Docs under Apache 2. PhoneGap is a trademark of Adobe.