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Installation and Prerequisites

Besides simply installing everything, we recommend having or obtaining a fair knowledge of the technologies, so you can understand what you are doing. If you don't know what all this is, our blog article Generator-M-Ionic: HTML5 mobile app development evolved may be a good starting point.

Node and dependencies

# npm
npm install --global yo
npm install --global gulp
npm install --global bower

# yarn
yarn global add yo gulp bower

Platform SDKs

In order to run your app on a device, you'll need Platform SDKs for the platforms and the versions you are developing for. If you just want to develop in the browser for now, no SDKs are needed. Head over to Cordova Documentation: Platform Guides or Cordova CLI: Requirements for further instructions.


You don't have to install the Cordova CLI. It's provided with the generator. We're installing the Cordova CLI locally (not globally) so you can use the one your project was built with rather than the one you have installed on your machine.


Everything else you need will be installed using:

# npm
npm install --global generator-m-ionic

# yarn
yarn global add generator-m-ionic

Everything went well? - Awesome! Get started using the Get started documents in the