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mwclient is a lightweight Python client library to the MediaWiki API which provides access to most API functionality. It works with Python 2.7 as well as 3.5 and above, and supports MediaWiki 1.16 and above. For functions not available in the current MediaWiki, a MediaWikiVersionError is raised.

The current stable version 0.10.1 is available through PyPI:

$ pip install mwclient

The current development version can be installed from GitHub:

$ pip install git+git://

Please see the changelog document for a list of changes.


Up-to-date documentation is hosted at Read the Docs. It includes a user guide to get started using mwclient, a reference guide, implementation and development notes.

There is also some documentation on the GitHub wiki that hasn't been ported yet. If you want to help, you're welcome!


Patches are welcome! See this page for information on how to get started with mwclient development.

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