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Page.edit() retrieves the text associated with the current revision of the page, and begins an editing session which can later be completed with Here's a typical usage that moves a page from one category to another:

text = page.edit()
text = text.replace('[[Category:Apples]]', '[[Category:Pears]]'), summary='Moved from category Apples to category Pears')


  • (optional) section: Currently unimplemented. (default: None)
  • (optional) readonly: Currently unimplemented. (default: False)


Returns the text of the current revision of the page. The Page.text and Page.last_rev_time data members are also updated with the text of the current revision and timestamp of the most recent edit.


  • InsufficientPermission: The logged-in user does not have permission to edit the page. It may be protected, the user may not have editing permission, or the user may not be logged in correctly (on wikis which disable anonymous editing).

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