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Site._init_ connects to the given MediaWiki site and creates a new Site object.


  • host (str): Hostname of the MediaWiki server to connect to.
  • (optional) path (str): The URL path to api.php on the remote MediaWiki server. (default: '/w/')
  • (optional) ext (str): Script extension used on the MediaWiki server for "api" and "index". (default: '.php')
  • (optional) pool (HTTPPool): Pool object to use for connections. None to create a new pool. (default: None)
  • (optional) retry_timeout (int): Seconds to wait between retries. (default: 30)
    • Note: retry_timeout is used for the first retry, and the wait increases by retry_timeout for each subsequent retry.
  • (optional) max_retries (int): Maximum number of times to retry a single API operation. (default: 25)
  • (optional) wait_callback (function): A hook called whenever the API waits before a retry. (default: a no-op function)
  • (optional) max_lag (int): The maximum number of seconds of database replication lag. (default: 3)
    • If the server is lagging more than this, mwclient will automatically wait and retry. See Manual:Maxlag.
  • (optional) compress (bool): True if API results should be compressed during transmission with gzip (default: True)
  • (optional) force_login (bool): True to forbid editing pages while logged out (anonymous editing) (default: True)
  • (optional) do_init (bool): True to call Site.site_init immediately (default: True)
    • If set to False, site_init will be called at Site.login time. This can slightly improve performance, but no operations can be performed until after login.


A new Site object for the given parameters. If do_init = True, the object will be fully initialized and can be used immediately.


Note: These errors can occur only if do_init = True (default is True).

  • MediaWikiVersionError: Either the MediaWiki version on the site was not new enough for use with mwclient, or the MediaWiki version could not be retrieved/parsed successfully.
    • Note: mwclient currently requires MediaWiki 1.11 due to outstanding compatibility issues with earlier versions.
  • APIDisabledError: The MediaWiki API is disabled for this site (see Manual:$wgEnableAPI). mwclient is a MediaWiki API client and cannot be used with HTML-only MediaWiki sites.
  • APIError: An API error occurred getting the site info and user info.
  • HTTPRedirectError: The site sent an HTTP redirect to another URL. mwclient does not support client-side redirects.
  • HTTPStatusError: An HTTP error with unhandled status code outside 500-599 occurred.
  • MaximumRetriesExceeded: API call to get site info and user info failed and was retried until all retries were exhausted.
    • This may indicate a variety of issues, such as repeated HTTP errors, repeated internal database connection errors, or a server with long-term replication lag. Investigate by querying the API directly using your web browser. If long-term replication lag is the problem, you can workaround this by increasing max_lag.


The hostname must be supplied. It is the part of the URL after "http://" and before the next "/". For example, for the English Wikipedia:

site = mwclient.Site('')

Do not include the leading http://. By default Site assumes api.php is located at path /w/ (e.g. If the site you are connecting to places it in a different location, you must specify this (path must end in a /):

site = mwclient.Site('', path='/')
site = mwclient.Site('', path='/apps/mediawiki/mwclient/')

Typically api.php is in the same location as index.php. If you edit or view source of a page, you should see the path of index.php in the URL (e.g.

For a bot, it is recommended to only edit while logged in to make the bot easier to block in case of a malfunction. If you want to edit anonymously (while not logged in), you must set force_login to False:

site = mwclient.Site('', force_login=False)

Under heavy load, replication servers lag, resulting in out-of-date data being read. If you have no problem with reading stale results, you can increase max_lag to obtain results more quickly:

site = mwclient.Site('', max_lag=1000)

Note that this will increase load on heavily-loaded servers, and so is not recommended.

If you frequently receive the error MaximumRetriesExceeded, you can increase the wait between retries and/or the maximum number of retries:

site = mwclient.Site('', retry_timeout=60, max_retries=50)

Conversely, if you want your calls to raise an error if they cannot produce a result immediately, you can set max_retries to zero:

site = mwclient.Site('', max_retries=0)


Q. Can I use a custom User-Agent header?

mwclient currently uses a fixed User-Agent header, MwClient/<version> ( You can modify your copy of to alter this functionality if needed.

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