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This page is intended to be the mining guide for MWC. Since MWC is a fork of Grin, Grin Miner can be used to mine MWC. Grin miner must be pointed at an MWC full node. Grin supports two mining algorithms: C29 (ASIC resistant) and C31+ (ASIC friendly). MWC supports both of those algorithms as well, but on launch, we will support C29d (a variant of the C29 algorithm). Grin's mining algorithm allows for 90% of the block rewards to go to C29 miners initially and then gradually go down to 0% C29 two years after its launch. Since we are launching one year later, we will start at 45% C29d and gradually go to 0% one year after launch. This is intended to keep us inline with Grin. Grin launched with the intent of doing a hard fork every 6 months. We want to avoid doing that so we are likely to keep the C29d algorithm for the duration of the year that C29 is supported. We do reserve the right to do a hard fork should asics become a problem, but 6 months after launch C29 will only account for less than 25% of the network so we hope to avoid hard forks all together.

Procedure to mine

1.) Setup and install a grin miner: Grin Miner. You will need a GPU that has at least 5.5 GB of VRAM to effectively mine on the network. There are many discussions about which miners are best for Grin and they all apply equally to MWC since we use the same mining algorithm. Nvidia RTX 2070 Ti is a good GPU for mining C29d and Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti is a good GPU for mining C31+, but there are many other options and C31 ASICs are on the horizon.

2.) Setup an MWC full node and wallet: MWC full node and mwc-wallet.

3.) Modify your mwc-node's mwc-server.toml file to enable stratum server (by default this file is in ~/.mwc/main/mwc-server.toml: change: enable_stratum_server = false to: enable_stratum_server = true and restart the mwc-node.

4.) Start your mwc-wallet listener:

# mwc-wallet listen

5.) Modify your grin-miner.toml to point to your mwc-node: stratum_server_addr = "" (that is the default port of the stratum server in the mwc-node)

6.) start mining:

# grin-miner

Note: you must be using either one of the C31 plugins or the C29d plugin. C29 will not work.

You are done and the block rewards will go to the mwc-wallet instance that you setup.

Reward Schedule

MWC has a different reward schedule from grin. Grin's block reward subsidy is 60 grins per block indefinitely. MWC's block reward subsidy starts at 2.380952380 MWC per block and has a halving every 4 years. After 32 halvings, the reward subsidy is 0 MWC.

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