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This page will explain how to deposit and withdraw MWC from TradeOgre using the mwc-qt-wallet.

Before you start

It is recommended that you use Chrome on TradeOgre. Other browsers may work but everything in this tutorial has been tested using Chrome.


Create a send file in your Qt wallet.

Click on the send tab in your Qt wallet.


Select "File (manual process)" to send via file.

Enter the amount and click "Next". Finally click "Send".

You will be asked for your password and then you will create a file. Call it tradeogre.tx and click "save".


Go to the deposits page on TradeOgre.

After logging into TradeOgre, go to the balances page and search for MWC.

Then click "Deposits".


Click "choose a file". Select your tradeogre.tx file and click "Submit".

A new page will load, then click "Response file (click to download)".


A file will be downloaded called "tx.response". Rename this file to "tx.tx.response".

Go back to your Qt wallet and click on the "Finalize" tab.


Click "Upload a file" and select "tx.tx.response". Finally, click "Finalize".


Your slate file will be finalized and once your transaction confirms, it will show up on the TradeOgre deposit history page.

Congratulations, you have deposited to TradeOgre.


The withdrawal process is similar to deposits except that instead of finalizing the slate file provided by TradeOgre, you need to "receive" it. This can be done in the receive tab of the wallet.

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