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Refactored applying OOP design principles and patterns
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MesosticsMachine is a software system to facilitate the implementation of a score by John Cage to create a musical realization of a literary work. This system was designed using Java 1.8 in Eclipse Neon, integrated with GitHub via EGit. This is a fully refactored version of a system submitted as a final project for the degree of MSc in Software Development in Queen's University of Belfast in September 2017. OOP design principles and patterns and more effective and concise coding practices have been incorporated in this system.

Background documentation for the system in the form of a thesis is held in the MesosticsMachine-Archive repository on this GitHub site. This project originated with my collaboration on a realization of the Cage score called "Owenvarragh: A Belfast Circus on The Star Factory." Video of a performance in 2012 produced by sound engineer Úna Monaghan featuring poet Ciaran Carson, author of the memoir "The Star Factory", and informational videos explaining the design and operation of this system, can be found on my YouTube Channel:

A documentary portfolio on the Owenvarragh project by Úna Monaghan and Martin Dowling is published here:

As of 9 March 2018, all objects in the system are functioning and have been tested using test data from the Owenvarragh project. The system is now being trained on its first new text, "My Antonia" by Willa Cathar.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to implement this system and make a realisation of Cage's score, please contact me via my website:

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