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// +build !lambdabinary
package sparta
import (
gocf ""
// StampedBuildID is the buildID stamped into the binary. For the case of a
// local build this is set by the provision command and the same value
// is stamped into the cross compiled binary at AWS Lambda execution time
var StampedBuildID string
// Execute creates an HTTP listener to dispatch execution. Typically
// called via Main() via command line arguments.
func Execute(serviceName string,
lambdaAWSInfos []*LambdaAWSInfo,
logger *logrus.Logger) error {
// Execute no longer supported in non AWS binaries...
return errors.Errorf("Execute not supported outside of AWS Lambda environment")
// awsLambdaFunctionName returns the name of the function, which
// is set in the CloudFormation template that is published
// into the container as `AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME`. The function name
// is dependent on the CloudFormation stack name so that
// CodePipeline based builds can properly create unique FunctionNAmes
// within an account
func awsLambdaFunctionName(internalFunctionName string) gocf.Stringable {
sanitizedName := awsLambdaInternalName(internalFunctionName)
// When we build, we return a gocf.Join that
// will use the stack name and the internal name. When we run, we're going
// to use the name discovered from the environment.
return gocf.Join("",