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package sparta
import (
func stableCloudformationResourceName(prefix string) string {
return CloudFormationResourceName(prefix, prefix)
// S3Site provisions a new, publicly available S3Bucket populated by the
// contents of the resources directory.
type S3Site struct {
// Directory or filepath (uncompressed) of contents to use to initialize
// S3 bucket hosting site.
resources string
// If nil, defaults to ErrorDocument: error.html and IndexDocument: index.html
WebsiteConfiguration *s3.WebsiteConfiguration
// CloudFormationS3ResourceName returns the stable CloudformationResource name that
// can be used by callers to get S3 resource outputs for API Gateway configuration
func (s3Site *S3Site) CloudFormationS3ResourceName() string {
return stableCloudformationResourceName("S3Site")