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ShapeKit is a geometry library for iOS that aims to bridge GEOS with Apple's MapKit.


ShapeKit uses the MKShape Geometries (MKPolygon, MKPointAnnotation, MKPolyline) which were added to MapKit in iOS 4.0. It has been tested on the iPhone and the iPad.

ShapeKit depends on GEOS and PROJ. There is a build script in lib_src which will automate downloading and building universal libraries for both ARMv7 and x86 (simulator) and will copy the libraries and headers to the ShapeKit library directory. To use it, simply run the script in the lib_src directory to install the libraries.


  • ShapeKitGeometries are standard cocoa objects

    ShapeKitPoint *myPoint = [[ShapeKitPoint alloc] initWithCoordinate:CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(0, 0)];

  • ShapeKitGeometries have standard MKShape geometries for use with MapKit

    myPoint.geometry.title = @"Centre of the Universe";

    myPoint.geometry.subtitle = @"The most awesome place in the world";

    [myMapKitView addAnnotation:myPoint.geometry]

  • ShapeKit has spatial predicates and topology operations

    ShapeKitPolygon *bufferedPoint = [myPoint bufferWithWidth:0.005]

    [bufferedPoint containsGeometry:myPoint] \\ Returns YES


After following the instructions above to set up GEOS and PROJ copy the ShapeKit Directory into your project directory, and then drag everything except the libs directory into your Xcode project. Go to the Build Phases tab for your application's target (assuming Xcode 4 here) and expand "Link Binary with Libraries". Click the "+" button and select libgeos.a, libgeos_c.a and libproj.a from the ShapeKit/libs directory. This should add the libraries to your project and automatically set the Library Search Path to enable the linker to find the libraries. Under Xcode's Build Settings tab, search for "search path". The Library Search Path should have been changed to something like "$(inherited) "$(SRCROOT)/../ShapeKit/libs"" pointing to ShapeKit's library directory. Copy and paste this into the Header Search Path.

You will also need to add the CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks to your project. See the sample Xcode project for a simple example of a ShapeKit app.


This is free software; you can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the COPYING file for more information.


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