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An application for synchronizing video across smartphones
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How did this happen?

In Fall of 2014, We designed and developed a prototype application for Naziha Mestaoui and Dominique Bel. The project ultimately grew into 1heart1tree, Naziha Mestaoui's monumental and participatory work of art designed for the UN Climate Conference, COP21 in Paris. It was projected on the Eiffel Tower. Check it out.

What does it do?

This app synchronizes heartbeats and breaths across all users. When the app opens, you synchronize your breath with the graphics. After several minutes, you will fall into a cardiac coherence with all the other users across the globe. Let us synchronize our hearts with millions of others by breathing all at once; together we will raise the planet’s vibratory frequency.

How does it do it?

We developed native iOS and Android applications with a Go server backend. The app uses our version of the SNTP clock synchronization protocol. Once synchronized, and it displays a looping graphic (and re-syncs occassionally). The server also keeps track of the number of connected individuals.

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