Rolling backup script, based on rsync.
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Backup Script

This shell script is a backup script, based on rsync and designed to be run
from a cron job daily (or nightly).

The script creates a rolling 7 day incremental backup, 12 monthly backups (at
the beginning of each calendar month) and yearly backups.

The script expects to be provided with a separate hard drive on which to make
backups. This drive is kept in a read-only state most of the time, only
switching to a read-write state whilst a backup is being performed.


Place the script in your preferred location. Open the script, there are a
number of variables at the top of the script to configure the location of the
backup drive and the locations to be backed up.

Add the script to the root crontab (using the "crontab -e" command). To run
the script nightly at 00:01 each night, add the following line (assuming the script is in "/root/"):

1 0 * * * /root/

To log the output from the script, you can pipe the output to a file like this (assuming that you want the log to be written to "/root/"):

1 0 * * * /root/ > /root/latest_backup.log

To ensure that the script is run at the right time, make sure your computers time is correct and that the machine is left on at the required time!