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KSP mod that adds new ways to get science from space stations.
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Nehemia Engineering Orbital Science (NEOS)

(WAS: Orbital Material Science)


This is really a collection of several mods which all have a common theme - orbital experiments.

There are 4 major components:

  1. Kemini - In-capsule experiments for the MK1 pod intended for very early career mode play.

  2. KEES - Kerbal Environmental Effects Study

    This set of experiments uses an external carrier (which must be attached in-orbit using KIS) onto which exposure experiments can be loaded (again using KIS). It is intended to be attached to a small orbital station with different experiments launched and installed over time.

    Components can be brought to orbit using either a special carrier included in the mod, or standard KIS containers.

  3. OMS - Orbital Material Sciences

    This set of experiments is the most ambitious, requiring various stages to complete and is intended for large, long-duration orbital complexes.

    First, an orbital Lab must be launched. There are three labs, an MPL-600, MSL-1000, and MEP-825. Each lab (except for the MEP-825) needs to have lab equipment installed in it (which must be launched separately) before experiments can be installed and run. Lab equipment is specific to a lab, and experiments are specific to lab equipment - so ensure you have the correct equipment before launching experiments!

  4. KLS - Kerbal Life Sciences

    Additional equipment and experiments for the MPL-600 lab.

    Similar to OMS it requires launching a lab, equipment, and experiments in order to perform the science. Instead of standalone experiments, these also require Kerbals to experiment on, so ensure you bring enough victims subjects along!

Each component can be downloaded and installed separately, or the entire collection can be downloaded as one mod.


Please see the Changelog for a version history and overview of changes. For the full details, please see the GitHub commit log.


Please see the Contribution Guidelines for this project which provide an overview of how this project is laid out and how to support it.

Also make sure you agree with the Project License before starting any work.

A list of contributors can be found here.


  • Micha's Release forum thread covers my maintenance build releases and a brief usage summary of the mod, with links to downloads and other resources.

    • N3h3miah's original Forum Thread contains an in-depth overview and explanation of the mod, with screenshots!
  • Micha's Builds forum thread covers my maintenance builds of this mod while Nehemia is MIA.


The remaining components are standalone, although may be enhanced by ModuleManager.

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