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Customize the good ol' UIDatePicker
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MWDatePicker - Custom UIDatePicker

An UIDatePicker replacement with custom Background and Selector Styles. (As seen in nextr)

Still in work :)


With Shadows and Colors With Shadows and Black With Shadows and Black and Selector Without Shadows and White


  • customize the Look and Feel of your UIDatePicker in order to suit your App Design
  • change Background of each Component either with UIColor or an UIView
  • change and style the Date Selector Overlay (again with UIColor or an UIView)


  1. Add MWDatePicker.h and MWDatePicker.m to your project
  2. Add QuartzCore.framework to your project


  • iOS 6.0 and greater
  • ARC

Delegate Methods

  1. Add 'MWDatePicker.h' to your ViewController
  2. Add 'MWPickerDelegate' to your Class
  3. Implement MWDatePicker Delegate Methods

  • (void)datePicker:(MWDatePicker *)picker didSelectRow:(NSInteger)row inComponent:(NSInteger)component;
  • (void)datePicker:(MWDatePicker *)picker didClickRow:(NSInteger)row inComponent:(NSInteger)component;

  • (UIView *)backgroundViewForDatePicker:(MWDatePicker *)picker;

  • (UIColor *)backgroundColorForDatePicker:(MWDatePicker *)picker;

  • (UIView *)datePicker:(MWDatePicker *)picker backgroundViewForComponent:(NSInteger)component;

  • (UIColor *)datePicker:(MWDatePicker *)picker backgroundColorForComponent:(NSInteger)component;

  • (UIView *)overlayViewForDatePickerSelector:(MWDatePicker *)picker;

  • (UIColor *)overlayColorForDatePickerSelector:(MWDatePicker *)picker;

  • (UIView *)viewForDatePickerSelector:(MWDatePicker *)picker;

  • (UIColor *)viewColorForDatePickerSelector:(MWDatePicker *)picker;


The base of MWDatePicker is used from keeshux

MWDatePicker was created by Marcus Wermuth in the development of nextr.


MWDatePicker is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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