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+This document describes the purpose of the different doc/* files.
+ Lists the authors of Minigrace code
+ Describes the differences between Minigrace's implementation and the
+ specified Grace language, including both specified features that are
+ not implemented, or that are partly implemented, and extensions
+ supported by Minigrace that are not standardised. Also enumerates
+ various environment variables and options that may be used to
+ control the compiler's behaviour.
+ Documents the design and implementation of exceptions and exception
+ handlers in Minigrace.
+ The text of the licence Minigrace is distributed under.
+ This file.
+ Provides hints for how to write glue code for interoperability
+ between Grace code and other systems for use with Minigrace.
+ Documents the modules included in the Minigrace distribution that
+ might be useful in user code.
+ Defines the behaviour of Minigrace with regard to Unicode, including
+ how strings behave and are defined, which characters are valid in
+ identifiers and numbers, and source file encoding.
+General information is found in the README file in the root of the

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