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Page Kata

Source: Tomek Kaczanowski

The kata is about the writing of the underlying data model for a pager control (NOT about the presentation). What you should create is a class (bunch of classes) which is smart enough to provide all the data required to actually render the links to pages.

pager control

So, the pager gets the following data as input:

  • total number of items
  • page size. That is, number of items per page
  • offset e.g. 4680, which means that the user has already flipped through 234 pages (20 items each)
  • current page number e.g. 234 (which in fact is the same information)

Given this data pager should be able to answer the following questions:

  • how many pages are there? e.g. total records / records per page,
  • should prev/next link be visible? e.g. prev button should not be visible when user is on the first page,
  • which links to print? e.g. when user is on 25th page, then links to 24, 25 and 26 should be printed,
  • which page is current? so we could bold/highlight it's number (and remove the link).
  • And so on.
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