Parallelspace ModelMate extensions to the ArchiMate language for Enterprise Architecture
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Parallelspace ModelMate data extensions to the ArchiMate language for Enterprise Architecture

COPYRIGHT © 2016-2017 by Michael Herman, Toronto Canada. All rights reserved. Applies to all the contents of this repository.

The files in this repository are free for you to use subject to the BSD 2-part (Simplified) license attached to this repository.

This repository over time will include several different collections of files. Currently, this repository contains:

  • Parallelspace ModelMate Master Datasets (CSV, MS Excel 2016, MS Access 2016, and Neo4j CQL formats)

Parallelspace ModelMate Master Datasets

Each new version of the Parallelspace ModelMate Master Dataset will be published in its own folder.

The current version (and folder name) is: ModelMate30_Parallelspace/Parallelspace_ModelMate_MasterDataset_Complete10


There are 5 files of interest (in other words, ignore any odd looking files):

  • Parallelspace_ModelMate_MasterDatasets_CompleteXX.csv - MS Excel 2016 CSV-format text file containing the current ModelMate Master Dataset
  • Parallelspace_ModelMate_MasterDatasets_CompleteXX.csv - MS Excel 2016 Workbook containing the current ModelMate Master Dataset
  • Parallelspace_ModelMate_MasterDatasets_CompleteXX.accdb - MS Access 2016 version of the ModelMate Master Dataset CSV file
  • Parallelspace_ModelMate_MasterDatasets_CompleteXX.cql - Neo4j Cypher Query Language (CQL) version of the ModelMate Master Dataset CSV file
  • - Compressed archive containing the above 4 files

Best regards,

Credits, Copyrights and Trademarks

  1. ArchiMate is a registered trademark of The Open Group
  2. The primary data source for this project is the Mastering ArchiMate blog article "The ArchiMate 3.0 Relations Table…" ( Thank you to Gerben Wierda ( for leading the creation of the Mastering ArchiMate master dataset for ArchiMate 3.0.
  3. A secondary data source for the Archi project ( - in particular, the relationships.xml data file (
  4. Parallelspace, ModelMate, and Parallelspace ModelMate are trademarks of Parallelspace Corporation, Toronto, Canada.