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Resume Example

This is a simple Markdown resumé template, LaTeX header, and pre-processing script that can be used with Pandoc to generate professional-looking PDF and HTML output.

The Markdown flavor supported is Pandoc markdown.

Dependencies and Installation

  • Pandoc >= 1.9

  • Python >= 2.7

  • A Tex installation with pdflatex and the Tex Gyre Pagella font, and some packages needed by pandoc.

    On Ubuntu you can get this by doing:

    $ sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra tex-gyre lmodern

    On macOS, you could install BasicTeX.

    If you run into problems while running make, you might need to run the following commands first:

    $ sudo tlmgr --verify-repo=all update --self
    $ sudo tlmgr --verify-repo=all install tex-gyre titlesec


Clone the repo and create a new branch with a different Markdown file for your resumé.

To generate PDF and HTML versions of each .md file in the directory:

$ make

In order to enable visually appealing display of contact information, the Markdown is passed through a Python script that looks for contact details beginning on the fourth line and moves them into a right-aligned, zero-height box at the top of the document. Lines with bullets (•) will be treated as separate contact lines in the output.

By default, an image of your Gravatar will be added to the HTML resumé. To avoid this:

$ GRAVATAR_OPTION=--no-gravatar make

Unicode characters

The default setup should handle most unicode characters. If you still get errors (such as for Chinese characters), install XeTeX and a font that has glyphs for the characters you need.

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-xetex ttf-wqy-zenhei

Modify header.tex to use the name of your preferred font, then run:

$ PANDOCARGS='--latex-engine=xelatex' make