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Supported CSV

  • Outlook 2003 CSV (Windows)

Reading in CSV

To import contacts you use a ContactManager…

contact_manager =‘/path/to/file.csv’)

Getting the contacts

contact_manager.contacts.each do |contact|
puts contact.extras[‘Spouse’]

See the Contact class for a complete list of attributes.

Lookup Tables

A lookup table is used to map the csv columns to Contact class attributes. You can create your own lookup tables by using the LookupTable class and passing it in inside an array to the ContactManager class.

These are the column headers in the csv
headers = [“First Name”,“Last Name”,“Email Address”]

These map the column headers to the attribute of the Contact class
legend = {
‘First Name’ => :first_name,
‘Last Name ’ => :last_name,
’Email Address’ => :email

lookup_table =, legend)
contact_manager =[lookup_table])
contact_manager.lookup_tables << lookup_table

If you think you have composed a good lookup table email it to me ( and I will include it in the gem.

To Do

  • Add lookup table for Outlook 2003 CSV (DOS)
  • Add lookup table for GMail CSV