A script to download (backup locally) all the images accompanying your tweets
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Twitter allows you to download your tweet archive, but that archive doesn’t contain your images. Ergo, it is not really an archive.

This script:

  • downloads all the images from your tweets locally
  • rewrites the archive files so that they point to the local images


  1. Request your Twitter archive from the bottom of https://twitter.com/settings/account.
  2. Wait for the email.
  3. Download the archive from the email.
  4. Unpack it somewhere.
  5. Go to the root directory of that archive and run twitter-export-image-fill.py there (using terminal/command line).

Note: You can interrupt the script at any time and run it again – it should start where it left off.


--include-videos PATH_TO_YOUTUBE_DL

Download videos from tweets… sort of. This option makes the script output a shell file that can be run later to download all the videos using youtube-dl. You have to download/install youtube-dl manually and then provide a path to it, e.g. --include-videos /usr/local/Cellar/youtube-dl/2017.01.05/bin/youtube-dl


Download images from retweets (by default, the script only downloads images from your own tweets)


Do not download avatars from tweets (by default, user avatars are downloaded alongside tweet images)

--continue-from EARLIER_ARCHIVE_PATH

Use an earlier archive to get images from if possible, instead of downloading (useful for incremental backups), e.g. --continue-from ~/Desktop/tweet-archive


  • The script downloads the images in highest quality.
  • The original versions of modified JSON files are saved for reference.
  • Images are downloaded into data/js/tweets/YYYY_MM_media subdirectories.
  • User avatars are downloaded into img/avatars directory.


Does this work on Windows?

Not sure. I wrote/tested it on Mac OS only. If you run it on Windows (successfully or not), please let me know.

How about Linux?

Some reported it worked for them properly on Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Debian.

Does this download videos in addition to images?

Not really, but you can use the experimental include-videos parameter to download them later easily using youtube-dl. Note that those videos won’t be playable from the archive’s local webpage, but they will be downloaded locally into your file system.


This script is in public domain. Run free.

Version history

1.03 (5 Jan 2017)

  • Downloads videos through youtube-dl “integration” (thanks to Nelson Minar and Benjamin Zanin for inspiration)
  • Downloads avatar images, too (code submitted by @edsu)
  • Should work on Python 2 and 3 (code submitted by @glasnt)

1.02 (27 Dec 2016)

  • Fixed the first line to allow it to run on more systems (thanks to Ariel Millennium Thornton)

1.01 (27 Dec 2016)

  • Added an option to start from an earlier archive
  • Added an option to include images in retweets
  • Small UI fixes

1.00 (26 Dec 2016)

  • Initial release