A tool to grab all your Twitter threads and list them all on a nice page ranked by popularity.
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A tool to generate a list of your most popular Twitter threads.

Here’s an example from my data.

You can use this to allow others access – or just for yourself for reflection or another form of archiving.


  1. Request your Twitter data (this might take some time – you will get an email whenever that’s ready – so do this first).

  2. Install Node

  3. Run npm install feed.

  4. Clone or copy this script to your computer.

  5. Unpack your Twitter data once you got it.

  6. Run the script by providing the directory where the files reside, e.g.:

node generate-thread-list.js /~/Downloads/twitter-2018-11-25-501cabffd3e92d9a0ff16656406


Open thread-list.html in your browser.


Get the generated thread-list.json or thread-list.rss and use them in some other way.

Version history

  • 1.02 Use smaller images for better performance
  • 1.01 Add RSS (Atom) support
  • 1.00 Initial release