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Heroku Buildpack: Openshift cli

This heroku buildpack makes it possible for an application to establish ssh tunnel to reach a remote host of openshift platform (version 3.x).

As an example, you can connect to a database running in an openshift container, a so called pod. The underlying tool to create the tunnel is the CLI provided from openshift.


  1. Add this buildpack
$ heroku buildpacks:add
  1. Provide the configuration

The buildpack creates an ssh tunnel and forwards the port on the basis of the environment variables configured for Heroku:

$ heroku config:set OC_LOGIN_ENDPOINT= 
$ heroku config:set OC_LOGIN_TOKEN=askdjalskdj 
$ heroku config:set OC_POD_NAME=mysql-1-weuoi 
$ heroku config:set OC_LOCAL_PORT=3306 
$ heroku config:set OC_REMOTE_PORT=3306
  1. access the database in your app.