SPSync can automatically sync local files/folders with SharePoint 2013 On-Prem or SharePoint Online (Office 365)
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Please note: This project is no longer under active development


This is the source for SPSync, the alternative SharePoint/OneDrive for Business sync tool.

You may find some strange code snippets in here, but that's because a sync engine is not trivial as we all know from the original official OneDrive for Business aka Groove tool. Also most of the code is already a few years old, so today I would do some things different than they are now.

If you want to try to make it better, feel free and send a pull request.

NOTE: With the release of the source for SPSync, I will stop supporting it by mail. If you have a question or found an bug please open an issue here.


You just need Visual Studio (Community edition is fine). Open the solution and build it. Now you can use SPSync.exe to run it.


The solution contains 4 projects.

  • SPSync.Core: The sync engine, SharePoint communication, metadata store, etc
  • SPSync: The taskbar icon and UI. Also contains FileWatcher to monitor local changes
  • (Optional) SPSyncCli: The command line interface, which uses SPSync.Core
  • (Optional) SPSyncTest: Just a small command line to test some things fast during development.
  • SquirrelSetup: A folder containing the nuspec file to create a Squirrel setup

Known Issues

  • Sync not working when you change a local file while you're offline
  • Sometimes SPSync is deleting files (remote and/or local) unexpectedly
  • Moving or cut/paste files is not working as expected all the time
  • Sometimes a file/folder is not sync'ed