Emulation of main characters screen when connected to WOPR in the movie "War Games"
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Emulation of main characters screen when connected to WOPR in the movie "War Games". Written to run on an IBM PC XT (DOS 2.0) using OpenWatcom, 16bit DOS compilation. This project was done for the Cold War Museum, and is on display on the second floor. http://www.coldwar.org/

The ASCII Maps used were used from Franklin Wei's emulator with mods to support the 80 column screen limit and the blinking bombs. Thanks mate, link to his source: https://github.com/theunamedguy/wargames/blob/master/map.h


The project has support for compiling to the target platform via OpenWatcom, and other platforms via qmake or visual studio. Some functionality does not work properly on the other platforms since it relys on DOS 2.0, like the terminal escape codes

OpenWacom IDE

  • Download OpenWatcom IDE / compliler from : http://www.openwatcom.org/download.php
  • Open watcom/wopr.wpj in Open Watcom IDE
  • Press the make target button on the toolbar
  • The exe will be built to the watcom/bin/wopr.exe
  • To test without using actual hardware, use DOSBox

Visual Studio (2013)

  • Open vc/wopr.sln in Visual Studio
  • Build the solution
  • The exe will be built to vc/Debug/wopr.exe

qmake (Qt Creator)

  • Open qmake/wopr.pro in Qt Creator
  • Configure your kit
  • run qmake
  • build